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If you would like to be notified by e-mail when each new issue is released online,  as well be notified periodically of news and updates in the rabbit world, please join the e-mail list below.  You may unsubscribe to the list at any time.  Your information will not be shared with other businesses/organizations as we respect your privacy.

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Hard-Copy Subscriptions
Each hard-copy (snail mail) issue contains a Breeder's Directory, U.S. Rabbit Clubs & Associations, Rabbit Equipment & Supply Dealers, Internet Links, Cage/Hutch Plans, plus features on Rabbit Health Issues, Breeding Issues & Tips, Rabbit Care Tips, and more!
Each issue is printed up and put together to read and feel like your friendly community newsletter.  Printed in black and white.
Each subscription is for one year, which is 4 issues sent out via snail mail quarterly. 
Each subscription only costs $5.00 for a year.
Debut Release
Our first issue will be mailed out on May 15, 2003 for the Spring Issue, followed closely by the late June Summer 2003 issue.
To order your subscription, just use the links for PayPal below.  If you don't feel comfortable sending funds over the internet, just mail it with your name and address and $ 5.00 in check or money order  to the address listed at the bottom of your screen.

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