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Cross Breeding

Cross Breeding
Did you know that just breeding two different breeds can create other breeds of rabbits?  This is called cross breeding.  You may be able to start breeding other breeds, without having to go anywhere!
Creating Other Breeds
       Californians were developed by first crossing Chinchillas with Himalayans to obtain the black markings on the extremities, then breeding the offspring to New Zealand Whites.
        The Cashmere Lop was developed from breeding Holland Lops and English Angora rabbits.  It has the same external characteristics as the Holland Lop rabbit, but has longer hair like the Angoras.
        The Dwarf Swiss Fox rabbit was created by crossing Swiss Fox rabbits with the Dwarf Polish rabbits.
         Hulstlander rabbits were developed by crossing Vienna Whites and blue-eyed Polish rabbits.
        Klein Lotharinger, or the Dutch Papillon, rabbits were created by crossing Giant Papillons with Netherlands Dwarfs.
         Magpie rabbits can be created by crossing rabbits with the "Chinchilla factor", like the Silver Fox or Chinchilla.
           Marburgers were developed by crossing Vienna Blues and Havanas.  The offspring were then crossed with light colored black Silvers.
        Mini Rex rabbits can be produced by crossing Netherlands Dwarfs and the Standard Rex rabbits.
         Sable or Marten Sable rabbits were created by crossing Himalayans with Chinchillas.
         Sallander rabbits, or the Salland rabbit was created by crossing Thuringers with Chinchillas.
         Silver Fox rabbits were developed by crossing Tans with Chinchillas. 
         Vienna Whites were developed by crossing Vienna Blues with predominantly white Dutch rabbits with blue eyes.
       For information on breeds and the history of them, check out
"The Encyclopedia of Rabbits and Rodents"  by Esther Verhoef-Verhallen, published by Rebo  Productions Ltd. 1998., or contact the ARBA.


Apollo, Eden's Gate Farm resident Castor Mini Rex Buck

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