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Changing Seasons

Getting Ready for Summer

      You wouldn't know it here in the Pacific Northwest, but Summer will soon be here.  The change in seasons means it is time to make preparations for Summer for our rabbits, or to inspect previous preparations from seasons past.
         Rabbit raisers can never get this point across enough.  Make sure that your rabbit(s) have plenty of fresh water daily.  If your rabbit doesn't have water, it won't eat.  Dehydrated rabbits will die fast in high temperatures.
          Make it a practice to routinely check for algae growth as well in your rabbits water bottles and containers.  Algae growth increases in high humidity and high temperatures.  This can cause health problems for your rabbit.  Clean your bottles out with a solution of bleach water to kill the algae.
              If you currently have your cages/hutches out in the sun, it is time to move your rabbits into the shade.  If you don't have shade, then you can build a lean-to type shelter to get them out of the sun.  It is important as the weather heats up to have your rabbits in the shade to keep them out of the heat of the sun's rays.
               Heat is  another big issue for your rabbit(s) during Summer.  Your rabbit(s) can easily die if they get overheated.  They are more suited to cold weather than hot weather.  Besides keeping your rabbit(s) out of the sun, there are several other things you can do to keep your rabbit(s) cool in the heat of the day. 
                If you have your rabbit(s) indoors, whether in the house or a separate shelter, if you have electricity there you may place one or more fans on and set them to blow gently on the rabbit(s) to keep them cool.  Failing that, you can always lightly spray the rabbit(s) with water using your garden hose or even your garden watering pitcher. 

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The sun's rays & heat can have drastic effects on your rabbits.

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